NextShip Multi-Carrier Integrated Shipping Software

NextShip (A Business Unit of Alternative Business Automation Solutions) powered by Proship is a systems integrator of enterprise-wide and single location multi-carrier shipping systems. ABAS has over 50 years of combined experience consulting with and providing solutions for over 3000 mailers and shippers throughout the country.


Are you looking to streamline your shipping operation or incorporate shipping functionality into your own software application? ABAS provides a powerful, object-oriented application to automate your shipping and mailing. NextShipShipping System manages your multi-carrier requirements, including online communication, compliance labeling, and carrier-approved manifesting. Economical features include unrivaled LTL automation, sophisticated rate shopping, and flexible data integration.

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Benefits and Features                                   

  • Speed - The fastest carrier rating engines in the industry.
  • Integration - Will integrate seamlessly with host systems and handles complex shipping methods, procedures and business rules across your entire global enterprise.
  • Implementation – A unified, single streamlined process with clear handoffs and deliverables, from sales to deployment to support.
  • Reliability – updates and business rule application are completed without downtime. Reliability is also ensured by powerful version control using GIT (An open source distributed version control system).
  • Enforces hazmat/dangerous goods compliance.
  • Most comprehensive analytics and reporting tools allowing real-time, 360 degree visibility through the entire shipping process.
  • Automates business rules unique to your company. 
  • Fully featured SDK (software development kit) that can connect with any ERP, CRM and WMS, including home grown systems.
  • Rate shopping between your selected carriers is an automated process giving you the best value with every shipment while simplifying and streamlining your transportation decisions.

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 NextShip™ automates all major and regional carriers including DHL, FedEx, FedEx Ground, Lone Star Overnight, UPS, USPS, and a long list of LTL Trucklines.

Solution Printing allows NextShip™ to support most carrier-required documentation such as: manifest reports, barcoded shipping labels, COD tags, hazardous material tags, waybills, UCC128 container compliance labels, export documents, plus any customized forms you may require.

The NextShip™ approach to LTL Automation allows you to replace your independent LTL programs with one unrivaled system that can do it all!

  • Rate shop between LTL & non-LTL carriers.
  • Instantly print all carrier required forms to eliminate handwritten paperwork.

How it all works

NextShip is a sophisticated creature that can tie directly into your current shipping process by integrating into your host system.  NextShip will provide email notifications directly to your end customer and like depicted in the illustration below.

 How it all works

NextShip doesn't just take into account the best shopping rate but looks at other key components such as: time-in-transit, weight, destination, special service fees, carrier performance as set by you, plus the basic freight charges.

NextShip™ provides seamless integration with your host application via platform independent integration tools such as: Ship-to information transfers immediately to the shipping station. After posting the shipment, shipping charges and other valuable information are sent back to the host application, instantly!  NextShip has lots of useful tools to help keep the end user informed and services to help plan ahead such as: 

  • Provide ultimate customer service by providing instant information such as shipment status and even rating information, while your customers are still on the phone with NetQuery.
  • The SWOG (Ship With Other Goods) module tracks multiple invoices and even itemizes parts and serial numbers with a single shipment.
  • Send E-Mails to notify recipients of shipments en-route, automatically via the E-Mail Notification module.
  • Use your existing terminology to process your shipments. The Translated Code module allows you to translate your internal carrier codes such as "Blue" to a "UPS 2 Day Air" shipment.
  • Are you a seasonal shipper? Use our Future Ship module to process and manifest shipments today for actual shipping on a future date.
  • Verify that a shipment's actual contents match the original order with our PackLogix module.

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