Pressure Sealer

Pressure Sealers

Pressure sealers could be the next best thing to electronic mail in terms of cost-effectiveness and delivering a positive impact on the environment. With pressure sealers, businesses can eliminate the need for envelopes, which are usually just thrown away by the recipients when they receive their mail.

Alternative Business Automation Solutions is a premier distributor of a range of pressure sealing solutions designed for organizations of varying sizes. From economical entry-level units to high-end equipment created to meet the requirements of larger office environments, these products can deliver immediate results in terms of reducing overhead expenses and in improving productivity for your daily operations.

Our pressure sealers can process various types of documents, including direct mail, invoices, pay checks, utility bills, report cards, and many others. Pressure sealers work by folding the forms and then letting them pass through a series of rollers, whereupon they are sealed using pressure-activated adhesive. The forms come out as secure documents ready to be mailed or delivered but without the unnecessary envelope.

Do your company a favor and acquire a pressure sealer today. To get started, please get in touch with our representatives by dialing 888-578-5286 or calling us toll free at 1-800-569-MAIL (6245).