Mailroom Automation

Despite the popularity of electronic mail and the fact that the total mail volume being delivered by the United States Postal Service has declined since peaking to more than 213 billion in 2006, a total of 158.4 billion pieces of mail were still sent in 2013 by the USPS.

A considerable portion of this mail was in the category of business-related documents. Every day, millions of organizations all across the country continue to receive and send out these physical documents to their customers, associates, and other stakeholders.

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Indeed, mail is very much alive today. But with enterprises and institutions already occupied with so many other responsibilities, they simply can’t afford to lose precious man-hours doing time-consuming tasks like folding letters and brochures, inserting statements and invoices into envelopes, or opening incoming mail envelopes. While these tasks are relatively simple, companies usually handle a huge amount of mail, making automation solutions an absolute must.

ABAS provides a full spectrum of mailroom automation equipment and supplies for organizations of all types and sizes. Our products include:

  • Paper folding machines
  • Letter opening machines
  • Letter folding and inserting machines
  • Pressure sealers
  • Tabbing machines
  • Labeling machines

Through these solutions, we have helped thousands of organizations streamline their business processes by eliminating labor-intensive procedures. By doing so, our customers were able to enjoy greater productivity and reduced operational expenses.

Protect your organization’s bottom-line by investing in these intelligent mailroom automation systems today. To learn more, please call us at 888-578-5286 or toll free at 1-800-569-MAIL (6245).

Mailroom Automation Products