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Alternative Business Automation Solutions (ABAS) provides the best postage meters and mailing systems in the US

Postage Metering Solutions

PostBase Series Automatic Postage Meters and Mailing Machines provide best-in-class mailing technology, smooth feeding, and intuitive operation. Our raving happy customers are constantly reviewing our exceptional products and service - Read Our Reviews.

Multi Functional Printing

Our High-Tech Multi-Functional Printer Solutions provide reliable uptime, lower cost per copy and the reduction of employee labor. When our new Postage Meter clients discover our outstanding service they immediately ask us to provide document solutions throughout the entire office - Rave Reviews.

Receiving Software Solutions

Web-based tracking solutions track any asset (typically UPS, FedEx, USPS, Amazon packages and accountable mail) from entry point to delivery point within a company. Scan it, Route it, Sign it, and Track it.

Nextship  Shipping Solutions

NextShip™ Multi-Carrier Shipping Software automates the processing of business rules, label compliance, small parcels / LTL shipments, and carrier rate shopping. NextShip™ is integrated to ERP software as part of an enterprise-wide or single location solution.

Letter Inserting Machines

Letter Inserting Machines fully automate the tedious process of hand folding and stuffing envelopes. Inserters are 15 to 20 times faster than manually folding and inserting invoices, statements, checks, and marketing mailouts. Automation starts with as few as 1,000 envelops per month.

Creative Marketing Solutions

ABAS Digital Print Center prints full-color custom envelopes for all you business needs. Send us your logo and we will design your envelopes to be USPS compliant.

The Importance of Comparing Local Vendor's Reviews

Alternative Business Automation Solutions has Super Satisfied Customers who were once just like you. They also were considering switching from their current Postage Meter vendor because they were not receiving good customer service and were being mistreated. It is truly upsetting not to be treated with respect.

Top 5 reasons customers are frustrated with their current Postage Meter vendor:

  • Billing problems - Long On-Hold times, 30 minutes to 2 hours, unresolved problem.
  • Rude Customer Service that has been routed to India or the Philippines.
  • Aggressive Telemarketers trying to renew the lease on existing, old, outdated, equipment that does not work properly (90% of a machine’s problems happen in the last 10% of a machines life).
  • Zero Customer Service - They have become just a number in a huge global system.
  • Outsourced Service Technicians that are unable to repair their equipment.
Google Lady thinking about Postage Meter Reviews

Would you continue to be a customer where you were treated with poor customer service? Everyone has experienced their fair share of dealing with poor customer service. Above all, it is frustrating to receive bad service due to untrained service technicians. Have you experienced excruciating long hold times or dealt with rude employees? Our two main competitor's refuse to allow their company to show up on the Google Review Section when you perform a Google Search with their name in it. Why would a company not want to have 5 star Google reviews?

To this end, we believe delivering truly exceptional customer experiences should not be an option. We believe in being held accountable to our Company Core Values:

  • We strive to "WOW" in everything we do
  • We have a positive professional attitude
  • We believe that improvement never ends
  • We are responsible for each others success
  • We believe in teamwork with individual accountability

Watch This Video To Learn How To Compare Postage Meter Companies

Top 5 Reasons Companies are Afraid to Switch Postage Meter Vendors:

  • They did not know that there was an alternative local Postage Meter company
  • They already switched from Company A to Company B and it only got worse
  • They switched back to Company A only to realize it had gotten much worse
  • They are confused with the USPS licensing of postage meters and don’t trust their sales representatives
  • They fear the unknown and think it will be painful to switch their postage meter payment funds to another Postage Meter provider